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Mail List Archives

I see you have made your way into the Vault, where we store the old and moulding remains of the mail list that we call the Archives. The threads are listed below, along with the dates they were added to this page. Feel free to browse around the threads.. and don't pay any attention to the soft meeping in the far corner...

Great Old Writers/At the Mountains of Madness 6/8
Game Crossovers 6/8
Sabine Baring-Gould 6/8
Most Horrific Creatures, or Ghouls and Pregnant Males? 6/8
Luke Skywalker Vs. Cthulhu 5/27
Splitting the List 6/8
Cthulhu MU*? 5/27
Truth and the Mythos 5/17
Ubbo Salthla 5/17
Cultist Motivation 5/17
Thorough Investigators 5/17

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Strange Aeons