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Mythos Links

Not every Mythos-related site on the web is necessarily useful for 1920's campaigning, but many of them are incredibly entertaining. Check out some of the following websites to waste the time away.

Mythos Fiction

Knuckerhole and Other Poisoned Dreams
Mike Minnis posts his collection of stories of the horrific on his own personal site. A gallery of strange and Mythos-related art is also available.
Arkham House
Arkham House carries an extensive line of Mythos fiction and is finally available for ordering on the web! Check this site out if you are in need of some HPL or Derleth.

Humor and Other Brain Candy

The Shub-Niggurath Fanclub
This site is an extensive and well designed resource for Mythos fans, but my favorite part is the link to Arcane - a Mythos online interactive serial. If you've got the browser capability, this game comes highly recommended!
Leah's Loathsome Corner (of Classic Scary Stuff)
You can't say this chick doesn't have a sense of humor. Are you troubled with a lack of bedtime reading material for your kids? Try reading them her Mythos ABCs for a good night's sleep.
Unspeakable Horror Theater 3000
This is for all you Misties out there who have been pining for MST3K to go Mythos-style. It's very long, but incredibly hilarious!

Gaming Sites

The Ice Cave
The Ice Cave is a resource for keepers who participate in Delta Green campaigning.

Mythos Products (i.e. where to spend your money)

How could we have this page without first listing the people that provide us with Call of Cthulhu materials? The Wizard's Attic allows you to order any and all things on the website.

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