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Greetings, and welcome to the Strange Aeons Mail List homepage. Here you will learn a bit about our members and our discussion threads,a nd you can find various links to other areas online to help keepers plan their scenarios. No peeking, players!

Strange Aeons

Strange Aeons is an email list provided by Chaosium to allow Call of Cthulhu enthusiasts the opportunity to discuss Mythos and game-related topics. To join Strange Aeons, send a message to with the message "Subscribe Strange-Aeons" in the body of the message. For further information on subscribing, unsubscribing and general Majordomo commands, visit the SA Help Page.

Although topics on Strange Aeons vary greatly, general discussion revolves around early 20th century campaigning. Our sister mail list - Delta Green - is devoted to modern and futuristic Call of Cthulhu campaigning. To join Delta Green, visit the Ice Cave for more information.


5/27/99 - Added the art page to the site, along with the first addition to the gallery.

5/25/99 - Added both a guestbook to this site as well as a message board for Call of Cthulhu and Mythos chat. Ia!

As you surf this site, please keep in mind that if you see any information or know of a site that we should link to, please do not hesitate to email us or to leave a note in our Guestbook.

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Strange Aeons

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